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Dr. Mac Littlejohn, DVM

Dr. Mac Littlejohn grew up on a beef, hog and grain farm in Elgin County. He graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2002 and started working for the St. Mary's Veterinary Clinic shortly after. In 2007, the St. Marys and Kirkton clinics were amalgamated.

In his opinion, the merger of the Kirkton and St. Mary's vet clinics has allowed the practice to attract great veterinary talent to its large bovine group. This large group allows the practice to develop and offer new valuable services to its clients without compromising the quality of medicine and surgery that their clients were accustomed to.

Mac’s main area of interest is implementing economical, practical, herd-specific preventative medicine protocols including vaccination programs, ventilation systems and facility design to improve the herd’s environment.  He feels these protocols are vital to the success of his livestock clients.

Mac services the Southwestern Ontario beef industry in both the feedlot and cow/calf sector. For the cow/calf sector he provides bull breeding soundness evaluations. He also does in depth data analysis on disease trends for feedlots to improve their animal health protocols and therefore the morbidity and mortality.