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Sometimes it is hard to believe I am lucky enough to have the job that I do. Often at the end of the day as I describe my day to my family, it all sounds like a fairy tale- what other job would let you cuddle new puppies, meet interesting people, drive through spectacular countryside, and look at horses all day long…

While I myself only look after horses, our clinic also has veterinarians specializing in small animals and cattle. This means I can hear about interesting cases ranging from a sick cow to a new kitten. And if there is a doggie c-section, I might get recruited to cuddle a brand spanking new puppy for a minute or two. Tough job, eh?

The people I meet are arguably the best part- on a good day, I am driving around seeing my friends and watching their horses- something I have been known to do on days off as well. My clients range from show jumpers to barrel racers to standardbred trainers and cover most horse sports in between! They all have one thing in common- they want their horses to perform at their optimum. This means they are my kind of people and that I will enjoy time spent at their barn.

This weekend I spent some time at the Ontario Barrel Racing Association’s finals at the REACH centre. It was an awesome opportunity to watch a lot of horses that I work on throughout the year do their thing. And a chance to catch up with their owners- a great group of dedicated competitors.

This morning I drove through a beautiful sunrise on a gravel road with leaves changing on either side on my way to see a chestnut gelding with one of the nicest personalities I have ever encountered. It is going to be a good day.

~Dr. Katie Crossan