Dr. Janna Pietersma, DVM

Growing up on a dairy farm in Eastern Ontario has cultivated a strong interest in agriculture and the dairy industry for Dr. Janna Pietersma.

Being involved with the family farm has always been one of her main priorities, and she continued to help out while away at school. In 2011, she completed her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science at Guelph, and went back home to work on the farm. During this time, it became clear that cow work was her favourite part of farming, and she wanted to do a better job of treating and preventing disease. This prompted her to start vet school where she focused on dairy medicine. In 2018, Dr. Janna graduated with honours from the Ontario Veterinary College and was awarded the Ontario Bovine Practitioners Award for exceptional proficiency in bovine herd health. Her main interests are transition cow management and calf and heifer rearing. Outside of work she enjoys horseback riding, soccer, and gardening.

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